Network For Strong Communities

Increasing justice, sustainability and power in our communities.

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Strong Communities are the Answer

We develop initiatives and infrastructure to help communities address the big problems of our society: from climate change to poverty to racial injustice. No matter the problem, we recognize that by caring for each other's needs we are all stronger.

Our Initiatives

Food Access

Everyone has the right to live, and everyone has to eat to live. We believe in a world where everyone has access to food, and we create that world by sharing food.

We support free food distribution efforts throughout the city, including:

  • Food4Life, a COVID-19 emergency response delivering groceries to thousands of families
  • Atlanta Food Not Bombs, a grassroots anti-poverty project feeding poor and homeless people
  • Mutual Aid

    Through ATL Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, we help prepare for disasters of all kinds, whether storms, fires, economic shock, public health crisis, or any other instability.

    We ensure that the most vulnerable in society aren't abandoned in a disaster, by providing resources to create resilient sustainable community now. We also mobilize volunteers to respond when acute disasters occur.

    Bail Fund

    The criminal justice system has a disproportionate effect on poor and marginalized people. Our bail fund exists to provide aid to those who cannot afford bail and other legal costs.

    We provide support to ensure that poor and marginalized people have access to justice and dignity while dealing with the criminal justice system.

    Additionally, our Atlanta Solidarity Fund initiative focuses on those engaged in First Amendment activity.

    Police Accountability

    We increase oversight over police activity, and provide civilians with the tools they need to monitor police in their communities.

    Our Copwatch initiative provides training on constitutional rights and how to assert them when dealing with police.

    Leadership Development

    We organize and teach free classes to the public sharing skills related to community self sufficiency, activism, and developing mutual aid programs similar to ours.

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